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ZPC MIESZKO Inc is one of the largest confectionery manufacturer in Poland, which combines high quality with the best price. Its experience has been built for 20 years, continuing the confectionery tradition of Ślązak and Raciborzanka companies. Zozole, a brand owned by the Mieszko company, is one of the most popular children brands in Poland.


Our task was to create the packaging for the new brand product, a modern website together with a tournament  system as well as running the Facebook brand profile. We also prepared promotional materials for branded products (brochures, advertising etc.).


As a result of our cooperation, packaging for such products as Zozole Dynamite, Zozole Sponge, Zozole Soccer, a modern website, many promotional materials, web banners and TV spots have been designed.

Project and realization Margomedia sp. z o.o.